Progress Monitoring 

Product Description:

According to IDEA, progress monitoring procedures must be established for each goal in a student’s IEP. Progress Monitoring is the method of formative assessment used to measure the student’s progress toward meeting a goal.  Progress Monitoring procedures guide how data will be collected in order to make instructional decisions about the progress of the student and establish a decision making plan for examining the data collected.

Progress monitoring assists the teacher or service provider in making ongoing instructional decisions about the strategies being used.  It also provides summative evidence that enables the IEP team to determine whether the student has achieved his or her goals.

Key Features:

  • Goals and objectives automatically transfer in
  • Baseline and procedure for monitoring progress can be accessed from the setup screen without going back to the Linking Form
  • All pertinent information automatically transfers into the set-up screen
  • Includes a Graphing tool that is customizable
  • Ability to archive the graph and view it Forms Manager
  • Produces a printed report for guardians