Medicaid Reimbursement System (Ocaid)

Product Description: 
Ocaid enables school districts to maximize Medicaid revenue for school-based services via a simple, streamlined reimbursement process. Therapist time and services rendered are recorded and tracked on-line. Eligibility and service claims are processed using an EDI interface to Wisconsin ForwardHealth for quick, accurate and up-to-date results.

Key Features: 

  • Easy "Click and select" service entry
  • Enter for one student for entire month
  • Enter for all students for a selected date
  • Time saving nursing services schedule
  • Automated entry of Medicaid eligible evaluations for therapists
  • Automated entry of Medicaid service time for therapists and personnel attending IEP meetings
  • Electronic signature tracking of service entries
  • Secure login and access set up by therapist
  • Multiple reports available to track results
  • Monthly eligibility determination and tracking
  • Transportation route interface to simplify billing
  • Easy interface with Wisconsin Forward Health
  • Caseload reports and service entry reminders for Therapists
  • Integrates with other Oasys products for a complete picture of all students
  • Ability to interface with district’s student management system for complete, seamless data retrieval