Oasys iep Linking Form

We are proud to announce our new Oasys IEP Linking Form!

The IEP:LF is a new multi-part form designed by the Wisconsin DPI for the purpose of creating College and Career Ready IEP's (CCRIEP's). Our version of the IEP:LF is an efficient collaboration tool that will generate the necessary conversations for creating CCRIEP's, but eliminates duplicate data entry and paperwork.

Features of the new Oasys IEP Linking Form include:

  • Available at the start of the 2016 - 2017 school year
  • Replaces current DPI forms I-4, I-5, I-6, and I-9
  • Multiple staff members can work on this form at the same time
  • Information flows throughout the form for a seamless IEP process
  • Statement Banks and hot keys allow users to save commonly used text for easy IEP creation
  • Form checks allow teachers to fix errors before submitting the IEP for review
  • Streamlined form saves time and allows for more attention devoted towards students
  • Links with current progress reports
  • All current features of Oasys Forms Manager will be available for this form