Welcome to OASYS®...

Oasys improves the quality and effectiveness of education by providing superior administrative products that save districts time and money. By doing so, we allow educators to focus more time and money on helping students to learn.

Oasys provides data management software for K-12 school districts in the areas of Response to Intervention (RtI), Special Education and Medicaid Reimbursement.

We are the premier software developer in this industry, providing school districts with customizable solutions for your data management needs.

Major Benefits of Oasys:

  PC, Mac, and iPad compatible
  Easy to use
  Fast, courteous customer service – speak to a real person in real time!
  Products customizable to your school district
  Flexible software design
  Continuous updates to keep pace with Federal and State regulations
  Products can interface with district’s student management system
  Secure, centralized database storage