What Can Oasys Do For You?

Oasys can help you improve the quality and effectiveness of education by providing an integrated suite of software products that give administrators, educators, and service providers the power of information at their fingertips.


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special education

WAVES is a Web-Based Special Education IEP System. It increases staff productivity by automating the IEP process with time-saving tools and techniques. It works seamlessly with your Student Information System to make sure that your documents are created with accurate, current information.

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Progress Monitoring

OASYS Progress Monitoring feature is tied directly to the special education forms. The IEP goals automatically transfer to the progress monitoring tool. This allows users to quickly and easily track goal progress and create graphs to visually represent the data.

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rti / pbis / mtss

The OASYS RtI program is a data collection and management system for monitoring students requiring academic and/or behavioral interventions. This easy to use system will make the process of tracking, organizing and utilizing data simple and cost effective.

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advanced learner

OASYS® Advanced Learner program is a quick, easy way to track and monitor students who show advanced abilities in multiple categories such as Academics, Leadership and the Arts.  The Advanced Learner Form allows teachers to create a customized plan for every advanced learner student. 

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english language learner - ell

OASYS® ELL is a web-based module which effortlessly identifies and tracks English Language learners. The system ensures compliance with state and federal regulations.  

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Medicaid reimbursement

Ocaid is a Medicaid eligibility and claim processing program.  Ocaid can increase your Medicaid revenue by accurately collecting data and filing claims. The OASYS system interfaces directly with Wisconsin ForwardHealth for quick and up-to-date results. 

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section 504

The Oasys Section 504 Management System includes accommodation plans, customizable forms, reports, and an easy-to-use data management system to help your district track Section 504 students.

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